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Mark Horton at Horton Law Offices LLC provides Criminal Defense, DUI & DWI defense, Civil Commitment defense legal services in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota. 


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Mark Horton feels very strongly that clients want predictability of price and high quality legal advice.

Legal fees have always been mysterious because most attorneys don’t include price tags on their legal services. Consumers of legal services typically go to recognized law firms and pay inflated prices due to their marketing costs without having any idea of the quality of the legal services. It is like buying wine. If you don’t know what you are looking for you typically buy a bottle of wine based on the label’s name, not the quality of the product.

Mark Horton takes the following factors into consideration to determine the amount of any legal fee:

  1. Time and labor required
  2. The novelty and difficulty of the case
  3. The skill required to perform the legal service properly
  4. Whether the case will preclude other opportunities
  5. The fee customarily charged
  6. The nature and length of the case

Hiring an experienced lawyer capable of performing a quality service is what most clients want from their attorney.  Please call 952-922-8220 or email Mark Horton to discuss how he can help you.